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Clients say some benefits of utilizing Haggerman & Associates include:

  • “Giving you advice that is right on the money”
  • “Definitely helping you dodge bullets”
  • “Getting you on track with HR issues”
  • “Benefitting managers, even seasoned managers, in getting the coaching needed on how to handle employee problems”
  • “Correcting poor advice given in the past by others”
  • “Providing information you can use immediately”

Clients say of Lynne Haggerman:

  • “You are the best human resource management person I have ever met, with very impressive HR knowledge and expertise.”
  • “Our company was so mired down in this HR stuff when you first came; we had nothing. We have come a long way. We talk about our problems now. It was never like this before you got involved helping us. You are one of the few, truly good business people I have ever run into.” 
  • “You are genuine and real, and you point me in the right direction all the time.”
  • “You save our managers time so we can focus on other tasks.”
  • “You work at an unbelievable, lightening speed pace.”
  • “You stay right on track and keep us on track.”
  • “You are very, very impressive.”
  • “You are an inspiration who is positive and enthusiastic.”
  • “You have a very supportive personality and want to see everyone succeed if it is at all possible.”
  • “You will do your best to make it happen.”

How We Can Help

We provide practical solutions that our clients say work. Customized solutions that our clients say meet the unique needs of their situation and organization. The liability on the human resource side continues to grow. If you don’t believe you have the expertise, our human resource consulting services are just what you need. Let us help you by filling in some holes in some problem areas. Join our clientele who regularly say, “I am so glad you are on our team!” and “You are #1 on the list to contact when anything human resource related comes up.”

Human Resource Consulting

We develop and execute systems, or we provide advice, recommendations, support and forms regarding:​

  • Discipline and termination issues
  • Employee accountability issues
  • Job descriptions
  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Onboarding and training
  • Motivation and morale
  • Team building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Performance evaluations  
  • Retention
  • Salaries and bonuses
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Policies and procedures
  • Effective supervision
  • One-on-one executive coaching to managers
  • Unemployment claims
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Exit interviews
  • Succession Planning
  • Expert courtroom testimony

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