Invest in You: You Are Worth It

And your family is worth it. You deserve a better job and a better lifestyle – more income so you can have more fun now and also feel safe and comfortable when you retire. You deserve more free time to spend with your family and friends. The investment is in you, and you are worth it. 

Other Services:

Want to change careers are are wondering what types of jobs your gifts and talents translate into? We can assess your background and tell you what you should be applying for. 

Want to significantly decrease interview stress and increase your compensation negotiation skills? Take advantage of our one-on-one customized interview training.

Want to know how to go about easily finding all the job openings out there? Take advantage of our one-on-one customized job lead finding training.

Want some support by an expert career coach who is available to answer any questions you have before and/or throughout your job search? We are here for you. You don’t have to do this alone.

Don’t have time to find job openings and fill out those lengthy online applications? We can do that for you.

Our Clientele:

We have prepared resumes for individuals with every type of work experience, background, and industry experience throughout the United States, as well as internationally.

What just a few of our clients have said about our resumes:

  • “Your resume showed my skills so well that I am starting at twice the salary!!!” 
  • “You’ve opened doors for me that would otherwise have remained closed.” 
  • “There is no doubt your resume got me the job.” 
  • “You are clearly worth every penny!!!” 
  • “I got the job I wanted with the resume. My response rate went way up after I started to use it!” 
  • “My resume was chosen as one of six out of 223, and I got the job!” 
  • “I missed out on so many job opportunities before – they never gave me the time of day. Your resume got me into doors and I landed the perfect job!!” 
  • “They really liked my resume and made up their mind to hire me before they called me for an interview. I’m amazed!” 

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Please contact Lynne Haggerman & Associates, LLC for an initial consultation. Your road to success is just a phone call away.

How We Can Help

To achieve this level of success for you, we schedule an appointment and conduct a thorough background interview. Then, we prepare your resume from scratch, so it is unique and customized – so you stand apart from the crowd.  We know what to include and what to leave out so you are screened into jobs you are qualified for. And, we know how to take care of any “problem” areas. 

We have been in business for many years and have prepared close to 10,000 resumes.  We receive feedback all of the time from our clients that our resumes work! We hear over and over and over again how employers and headhunters alike say it was the best resume they have ever seen. 


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