Depending upon the package selected, outplacement services may consist of:

  • career planning and assessment
  • resume, cover letter, reference page, salary history page preparation
  • interview training
  • job leading finding training
  • providing job leads
  • delivering job coaching services throughout the program

What just a few of the affected employees have said that we have helped:

  • “I secured a great job so much faster due to the services!” 
  • “This puts you one step ahead of everyone else.” 
  • “The help paid off! I’m ecstatic!” 
  • “I had no idea I could control my job search so much! My depressed, not in charge, stressed out attitude stopped, and now I have the perfect job for me!”  
  • “This is the best thing I could have done.” 
  • “The service is invaluable.” 

Offering outplacement services to the affected employee benefits the company by:

  • decreasing any guilt or remorse felt by management
  • decreasing negative attitudes and potential turnover of the remaining workers in the company
  • increasing the positive regard the remaining workers have for the company
  • decreasing unemployment claim costs
  • decreasing the possibility of employment-related lawsuits

Offering outplacement services benefits the affected employee by:​

  • increasing the speed of him or her finding the next position by 25%
  • easing the transition from the company to his or her next employer
  • providing strong support by experienced career transition specialists

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The decision to release an employee is harder if the organization allowed his or her poor performance to continue for too long, or didn’t provide timely counseling, or maybe should not have hired or promoted the employee in the first place. Providing assistance with the employee’s career transition through outplacement services is a humane solution that not only helps the associate, but the management team, staff members remaining, and the business.

Releasing an employee is a difficult decision that sometimes
has to be made due to the economy, changes in your business,
or poor performance.


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